The wonder of the skies, this box designed with the superb Spitfire in mind is second to none in the industry in this price range.

Buy this box and the Spitfire will show it’s might!

Contents include cones, mines, candles, fountains, multi shot cakes and lighting tapers.

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2x Fireflake A, B (fountain)
1x Vesuvius Viper A, B (cone)
1x Crackling Etna
1x Crackling Cascade (fountain)
2x Spinning Razor Wheel
1x Fireball 5 A, B (roman candle)
1x Firefly A (fountain)
2x Firefly B (fountain)
1x Dragonfly (fountain)
2x Sunset Party A, B (cake)
1x Thundering Canyon (100s barrage)
3x Xploding Arrow A, B , C (rocket)
3x Satellite Surprise A, B, C (shot tube)
1x Soaring Skybolts (roman candle)
1x Sky Flash (100s missile cake)
1x Taper


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