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    Run For Your Life

    A massive cake that has it all – Seeing is believing!

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    Shoot To Thrill

    49 shot 30mm – Silver strobe willow with green stars, brocade crown with red stars, orange peony with lemon stars, red strobing willow with blue stars, green to time rain, all with pink tail and time rain mine.

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    Skud Buster

    12 shot 20mm bore garden cakes with great performance and effects.

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    20 shots 20mm – Crackling tail to purple and Lemon peonies with brocade mine.

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    Stars and Strikes

    Invader alert! This 36 shot cake takes out the invaders with a barrage of effects.

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    Superior 6

    6 larger bore cakes (25mm) that deliver a great mix of effects with stunning colour and noise.

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    Thunder Blaster

    Here to make a statement with explosive power and effects, vivid colour and a finale barrage to finish, make this a must have to your party. 49s 30mm cake.

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    A 19 shot 30mm octagonal cake, thunder by name thunder by nature!

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    A 60 shot big bore cake is our defender of the realm, packed with performance and effects.

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    Viper Strike

    49 shot 30mm cake. There is no messing with this baby as it unleashes large bore projectiles and a vicious finale to claim its title of head of the family with ruthless power.

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    Viper’s Venom

    The Vipers very own weapon, 70 shots full of noise and colour, Venom strikes back!

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    16 shots with a 30mm bore can only mean one thing, Zeus is on the warpath!

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