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Here is another fantastic Viper selection box, this includes a range of fountains, mines and shot tubes.

100 in stock

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Contents include cones, mines, candles, fountains, multi shot cakes and portfire/light tapers.

1x Fireflake A (fountain)
2x Fireflake B (fountain)
1x Vesuvius Viper A (cone)
2x Crackling Etna
1x Crackling Cascade (fountain)
2x Spinning Razor Wheel
3x Fireball 5 A, B, C (roman candle)
2x Firefly A, B (fountain)
1x Dragonfly (fountain)
1x Sunset Party A (cake)
1x Thundering Canyon (100s barrage)
1x Festival of Fireworks (fountain)
1x Stinging Bees
2x Satellite Surprise A, B (shot tube)
1x Taper


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